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Friday, November 11, 2022 11:00 Pm
Paris Reggae Club
Cabaret Sauvage - 59, Bd Mc Donald. 75019 Paris

Get ready to experience a historic Dancehall reggae night! 
Don't miss the crème de la crème of reggae gathered for a Dancehall Reggae Night that will be remembered forever.

It's not every day that reggae legends gather on the same stage to toast to the sounds of Fatta (Soul Stereo) and Rory Stone Love, member of what is probably the most influential sound system in Jamaican pop culture.

We offer you an exceptional line up: 

- Dennis Alcapone, one of the first Dee-Jays, a pure performer with extraordinary talent. U Roy was the first DJ to make records by singing on the tracks, but it was Dennis' skills and unique style that challenged U Roy's dominance. We owe him legendary titles such as "Classius Clay", "Wake up Jamaica" or "It must come".

- Johnny Osbourne, also nicknamed Mr. Budy Bye, to whom we owe the great classic "Truth and Rights" and which we find in 2014 on the album The Groove sessions vol3 of the French Chinese Man. He is one of the very rare Jamaican artists to have lived through all eras. In the 80's, he produced a string of singles and hits from the cream of the producers: "No Ice Cream Love", "Water Pumping", "Buddy Bye", "In The Area", "Good Time Rock"

- Lone Ranger, who are no longer being presented, simply installed the first sound system evenings in France. An illustrious DJ whose career took off at the end of the 70s, he is one of those who will give a new "colour" to the DJ style popularized by U-Roy. His very particular gimmicks, his way of toasting and his entertainment approach made him the most popular DJ of the time. Just before the explosion of Yellowman and dancehall style in the 80's, Lone Ranger ignites the dances of the Soul to Soul and Virgo Hi Fi sounds to the sound of his hits: "Answer", "Love Bump", "M16", "Rose Mary" ....

To play the sound, we also have some very heavy stuff with: 

- Fatta, founding member of Soul Stereo, Sound System created in 1998 by ex-"Patates Records" and "Blue Moon" record dealers. During their journey that regularly takes them to Jamaica, the sound system regularly records many dubplates (exclusive track) and meets many artists and legends of the genre. They have participated in the biggest festivals: Solidays, Vielles Charrues, Dour, Garance Reggae Festival, Summer Jam, Rototom, Reggae Sun Ska, Reggae Geel... Soul Stereo is an unstoppable dancing machine!

- Rory Stone Love, legendary two-time Grammy Award winning dj with a world class collection of original records and dub recordings. Known for his own successful sound productions, Rorystonelove usually mixes them together, blending dub and roots vocals with more modern influences, which allows him to offer a new and unique experience in the world of Jamaican sound systems. You never know what you'll hear in an experiment he called Blackdubmusic, but it will always stand out among the crowded sound system field. His rocky voice, singing " the meantime..." while mixing live tracks on stage, is a highly respected feature of his performance, and widely imitated (though never equalled).

Buy your tickets quickly on or in the Patate Records store, located 57 rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris.

Dennis Alcapone
Reggae singer
The Soul Stereo
Errol Dunkley
Reggae singer
Skarra Mucci
Reggae singer
Echo Minott
Reggae singer
Joseph Cotton
Reggae singer
Earl Sixteen
Reggae singer
Anthony John
Reggae singer
Reggae is musically simple and the focus can be on the singer.

Reggae music is to spread love if it is love.

Reggae is magic in music expressed in the lyrical content.

Reggae makes you happy.

E.A.D Music Production is owned and operated by Mr. Michael Gloyd Dennis since 2018. Through the commitment to producing and promote reggae music he has built a stable and vibrant association for the lovers of reggae.

The head office of E.A.D Music Production is situated in France, and extremely proud of the strong bond on shows committed  to reggae industry.

E.A.D Music Production have multiple accreditations: phonographic production and sound recording, music publishing, production of music on digital and media production, audiovisual production, sound and image production distribution, web development, promoting artists.

Michael Dennis
The founder
E.A.D. Music Production

6 rue Georges Bizet
91860 Épinay-sous-Sénart

06 52 52 96 73

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