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Saturday, June 01, 2019 09:00 Pm
Reggae Dancehall ft. David Rodigan
LE CARGO, 49 avenue Henri Barbusse, 93000 Bobigny

Do you like reggae dancehall? Do you want to enjoy a memorable evening with artists who are references in this field? This evening is for you!

On the program:

- David Rodigan, legend and living memory of reggae for over 40 years, record collector since the 1960s, world champion of soundclash and owner of thousands of dubplates (these modified versions of reggae hits to his glory), honours us with his presence for a session of madness not to be missed.

- Soul Stereo, the Parisian sound system of all Jamaican music,

- Juice Explosion PARIS, composed of HURRICANE Dwane and DJ TIMELESS, will offer you a crazy dancehall session

- Haileman Sound System, a crew created in 2001 that offers a "conscious" reggae music: Roots, New Roots, Dancehall.

And on special guest, Keith Mindlinkk!

David Rodigan
Reggae Dj
The Soul Stereo
Reggae is musically simple and the focus can be on the singer.

Reggae music is to spread love if it is love.

Reggae is magic in music expressed in the lyrical content.

Reggae makes you happy.

E.A.D Music Production is owned and operated by Mr. Michael Gloyd Dennis since 2018. Through the commitment to producing and promote reggae music he has built a stable and vibrant association for the lovers of reggae.

The head office of E.A.D Music Production is situated in France, and extremely proud of the strong bond on shows committed  to reggae industry.

E.A.D Music Production have multiple accreditations: phonographic production and sound recording, music publishing, production of music on digital and media production, audiovisual production, sound and image production distribution, web development, promoting artists.

Michael Dennis
The founder
E.A.D. Music Production

6 rue Georges Bizet
91860 Épinay-sous-Sénart

06 52 52 96 73

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