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Johnny Osbourne
Reggae singer

Johnny Osbourne, to which we owe the classic "Truth and Rights", is a true legend of reggae that has stood the test of time.

Johnny Osbourne began his career at the end of the sixties as lead singer of a band called The Wildcats and recorded for Winston Riley.
Their first single to be released, "All I Have Is Love" was however recorded with a certain Coxsone Dodd for Studio One. In 1969, he recorded the album "Come Back Darling" for Winston Riley before emigrating to Canada. He then sang with various groups, including Ishan People with whom he recorded two albums. The group broke up in 1979 and Osbourne decided to return to Jamaica.

Shortly after his return, he recorded the singles "Forgive Them" and "Jealousy", "Heartache and Pain" for the Studio One label. 

Towards the end of 1979 and early 1980, he intensified his collaboration with Dodd, resulting in the resounding "Truths And Rights", which became a classic. 

In 1979, he recorded a single with King Jammy (Prince Jammy), "Folly Ranking", which was followed by an album of the same name in 1980. 

The success of these songs made Osbourne a much sought-after singer on the island, which resulted in numerous singles such as "Fally Lover", "Innah Disco Style" and "Never Stop Fighting", between 1980 and 1982. The beginning of 1983 will be marked by the hits "Yo Yo" and "Lend Me A Chopper", then by "Water Pumping", an adaptation of "Take It Easy" by Hopeton Lewis.

Success continued in 1984 with "Get Cracking", "Check For You", "Rewind" and in 1985 with Buddy Bye, "No Sound Like We" and "In The Area". The end of the 1980s was particularly fruitful thanks to his collaboration with Bobby Digital and saw the release of hits such as "Good Time Rock" (1988) and "Rude Boy Skank" (1988), which would be included on his album "Rougher Than Them" (1989). During the 1980s, he continued to record for Coxsone Dodd: "Keep That Light", "Unity" and "A We Run Things", but the second album, long promised by Dodd, never saw the light of day1.

After a long period of absence, the massives will have had the pleasure of seeing Johnny Osbourne at the Garance Reggae Festival 2012. Since then, the artist has never stopped performing in our regions, making us discover or rediscover all his hits, often alongside his fellow artist Lone Ranger, and with his popularity still intact.

In 2014, the veteran can be heard on "Independent Music" by Chinese Man, and also with "Can't Take the pressure" on a production by Bent Back Records.