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JUICE XPLOSION, named by Father Nighel, is a sound who enters on the dancehall market in 1997 with for composition Father Nighel and DJ TRAVIS.

During, these twelve last years their impact on the public is such with an almost magnetic force, as they could attract a broad public by filling any event considerably dancehall reggae.

The name JUICE XPLOSION becomes then international; with for feature to be English-speaking bringing indeed Jamaican ambiences, they remain one of the sound favourite in French Guyana.

Then they choose to reach other horizons and become European sound, composed of HURRICANE Dwane and ZJ TIMELESS hence their name of JUICEXPLOSION PARIS. In 2016, the Sound is strengthened with the arrival of Dj MOUNOU and in the end forms a single team divided into two JUICEXPLOSION (973 and PARIS)

JUICE XPLOSION PARIS being on the initiative of many organisations of sound system on Paris and also has participate in of many shows, preview concert on Paris and in all France.

Today they present a programme on WEBADUB RADIO, other programmes and many plans are in perspective.

This sound has more than the firm intention of remaining leader leaving on the meeting of their public in the international...